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  • Digital Business is Booming


    Digital Advertising is booming, in the first half of 2016 digital advertising grew to a $32 billion industry. This is a 19% increase from last year’s $27.5 billion this is because of search and mobile advertising. Companies are finding newer and more creative ways to get their advertisements across. Instagram is one of the companies […]

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  • Mmmmmm… Bacon


    As a class, we took a trip to YMMY Marketing where we met Alex Rodriguez and learned about his company and how they come up with digital marketing campaigns. Also, we heard about Digital Bacon, which is not only about how they come up with their campaigns but also the name of a book that […]

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  • AdWords Add Worth.


    In class, Chris Gatley came to speak our class last week about digital marketing. Chris works for Triad Marketing Media and helps to do digital advertising for Walmart.com. During his presentation, he spoke about Google Adwords and the importance of them in digital marketing. Adwords are an advertising service that Google offers that helps businesses […]

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  • Constant Content


    Content is very important when it comes to Digital Marketing. The goal of Digital Marketing is to increase your businesses visibility and to increase your target audience at the same time. Your content helps you to reach these goals, by posting well thought out and appealing content you are hoping to attract people either to […]

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  • Videotape

    vidoe tape

    This is a new promising app that combines video editing and social media. It allows users to share up to 40-second clips, which can be edited by others with a quick, and simple tool called the “Jumpcut.” Now you can reply, add voice-overs and copy and paste other videos and audio clips. After you have finished […]