AdWords Add Worth.


In class, Chris Gatley came to speak our class last week about digital marketing. Chris works for Triad Marketing Media and helps to do digital advertising for During his presentation, he spoke about Google Adwords and the importance of them in digital marketing.

Adwords are an advertising service that Google offers that helps businesses display their ads on when people type certain words into Google. Adwords is also good for people who on a budget because it allows you to set a budget for your campaign, and Google will not exceed your budget and you do not get charged unless someone clicks on your ad if you use the setting pay per click. It allows you to only focus your ad on keywords.

There are many reasons why you should be using Google Adwords for your business. Some reasons it is good for businesses to use Google AdWords you can target certain audiences especially if you want to target a certain area based on where your company is located. Investing in Google Adwords is also a big return on investment so you make more money out of it then you use to invest in it. You also can track the progress of your ad as well; with Google analytics, it can tell you how many people view and click on your ad and what times they are doing so. Also, you can ad a lot of key words and that will help people find your ad based on a wide range of Adwords. This form of advertising is one of the best for your company because you can target certain audiences and it allows you to track the progress of your ad to make sure you are targeting who you wanted to target. So I would say it is worth every penny to use Google Adwords.

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