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Content is very important when it comes to Digital Marketing. The goal of Digital Marketing is to increase your businesses visibility and to increase your target audience at the same time. Your content helps you to reach these goals, by posting well thought out and appealing content you are hoping to attract people either to your web page, your product, or you may just be trying to show people your brand exists. You don’t want your content to attract just anyone you want to make sure it is tailored to attract your target audience. Your main goal overall is to make money and to get people to buy your product but if you place your content correctly you shouldn’t have to tell people to “buy now.” Since people are constantly seeing ads telling them to buy things your should try and make it so after people see your content they want to go out and buy your product without you directly telling them to do so.

A good example of this would be the Tasty videos you see on Facebook. They are fun to watch and while they do feature certain products in no part of the video do they tell you to go out and buy Pillsbury biscuits but sense you saw that those biscuits were used then you are likely to buy that brand if you choose to recreate the recipe. These ads target foodies and people who just like to eat (who doesn’t like to eat) so the target audience is very large and the video gets millions of views as well as thousands and sometimes millions of shares. Which just widens the number of views. Having a subtle sales message actually makes the ad more appealing to buyers and they are more likely to share the content with friends, which give you more impressions.


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