Digital Marketing or Creepy Eavesdropper

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Have you ever been with a group of friends and started talking about a product or how you needed to do something and then when you went on Facebook later there was an add for the product you were just talking about or something that would help you with what you needed to do? This could be because Facebook is listening to your conversations. Facebook officials say they are not recording your conversations but insist they are only using the microphone on your phone to identify what is going on around you based on the audio around you. So this means that Facebook admits that it does access your microphone but they claim it is not to try and find ways to market things to you.

Digital marketing has come a long way from when the Internet first started. People thought it was creepy when Facebook and other sites use your past searches and cookies to target you with different ads. Now Facebook can potentially hear your conversations and use that information to sell companies in order to directly market to you. Smartphones also use your location to help market to you as well, so if Facebook can use your location and what you are saying it seems like it is only a matter of time before they can access your camera without you knowing.

Facebook knowing all of this information is not necessarily a bad thing. At least now when you see ads on Facebook they aren’t completely random and they are things you are somewhat interested in. But if that doesn’t comfort you then you can always deactivate your microphone on your iPhone so Facebook can’t hear your conversations. You can also turn off the location setting too, and that means Facebook cannot eavesdrop on you anymore.


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