Is it advertising or web design?

Concept of creative technology with businessman and tablet

Before Amber Stickel came and presented I had heard of coding and had seen people code but I didn’t really think it had anything to do with advertising. I found it interesting to learn that coding and advertising can go hand and hand. Creative Technology is what makes website and online products look eye catching and appealing and that’s what creatives do with traditional ads. Creative Technology is very clearly where advertising is headed, so knowing some code could really put you ahead in the advertising profession. With Creative Technology there are very few limitations to what you can do with your ad. Also something that is really new and important in the advertising industry is the idea of mobile first advertising. Mobile first means that since people use their phones for almost everything companies and are designing their ads, websites and products based on how they look on smaller screens first (i.e. phone and tablets) and then adding more features for bigger screens.

Creative Technology is a form advertising that involves a lot of coding and web design which can be very confusing and complicated. It is important to know that web design and graphic design are not the same, though a background in graphic design does help, when it comes to coding for websites. There are three languages used for making websites; CSS, HTML and JavaScript. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language; this is the way web page and template are coded so that text and images are formatted are added. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is what is used to describe the presentation of the page, including colors, the font, and the layout of the website. CSS also allows you to change how the site looks on different sized screens, so it makes website look good no matter what device you are looking at it on. Finally JavaScript is what makes the website interactive and is the behavior of the CSS and HTML on the page and allows for features such as pressing a button on a page or having something where if the mouse is placed over a certain objects the color changes or by clicking on another object appears. These languages help to make the site appear as unique and interactive as possible.

These aspects of coding are important to advertising, because they all focus on the user and their experience and perceptions of the website that they are visiting. If the website is boring and hard to operate then the user then they will leave the site. A website only has a few seconds to get the user’s attention and convey enough information to make the user engaged, so it is up to the creative technologist to make a website that will draw the user in and make them interested in what is being portrayed. A website and its design is a direct representation of a business’s image and its products so it is very important that a businesses website is up to date, professional and easy to use. So having a background in both web design and advertising can make you be a great creative technologist.

Now I am very interested and want to learn how to coding!

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