It Shouldn’t be this Difficult… Should it?


Chris Morata came and talked to our class about the user experience, which is the overall experience of using a product usually for computer, and websites it helps to describe how easy or pleasing the site is to use.

There are a lot of things in our society that don’t account for the User Experience of the individuals that actually use the product. One example is when they put the up and the down elevator buttons right next to each other so you are not really sure which button is up and which is down. One thing that really bothers me is the foil on the back of the medicine like the kind of packaging that Dayquil and or Nyquil comes in where it looks like you should be able to out the pill through the back but in actuality you need a pair of scissors. You usually need this medicine because you are practically dying but they make it impossible for you get the medicine you most desperately need.

This is kind of a hard thing to improve upon because they don’t want to make medicine easily accessible for children. The packaging is usually grouped together by dosage so for things like Dayquil when you open it you get the correct dosage. This helps to prevent people from taking too many. The only suggestion I could make would be to maybe put them into a bottle with a self-locking lid, but this could cause people to take too may or take them more freely. So while it would solve the problem and improve the user experience it could possibly harmful to others because it could make the medicine too easily accessible. So maybe they could just make the foil back easier to open but not too easy.



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