Mmmmmm… Bacon


As a class, we took a trip to YMMY Marketing where we met Alex Rodriguez and learned about his company and how they come up with digital marketing campaigns. Also, we heard about Digital Bacon, which is not only about how they come up with their campaigns but also the name of a book that Alex Rodriguez wrote called Digital Bacon.

Bacon is actually an acronym where each letter in the word bacon stands for a different part of the campaign plan.

The B stands for Based on Reality, which means you need to have a hold on what is real and what the company offers. This is the discovery phase.

The A stands for Aimed toward Results which means you pick your desired results so you can make sure your campaign is movie forward. This is the strategy session.

The C stands for Creatively Developed, you have to have a good creative but it has to be on strategy. This is the production phase.

The O is for Organize in Propagation, once you have the creative you need to send it out. You need to make it compelling. This is the distribution phase.

The N stands Numerically Measured, your campaign results need to be measured by numbers and not by words, saying you have a good campaign is not the same as saying your campaign got over one million clicks. This is the analysis phase.

This is a good way to approach a digital campaign. When starting a digital campaign you should pick your goals first. It is important to have goals; your channel selection should be based on your goals and not the other way around. This usually happens in the Aim toward Results phase this is when you establish your goals as well as come up with the way to measure your goals.


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