WingHouse Internship


This semester for my internship I worked at the corporate office of Ker’s WingHouse as a marketing intern. During this internship I assisted the Director of WingHouse Marketing, Arianna Marshall with day-to-day responsibilities. Some of my responsibilities included putting together comp reports, doing market research for the new restaurants, help organize the applications for this year’s calendar, help create a guide for grassroots marketing as well as many other tasks I was assigned.

An average day of the office I would come in and have a list of tasks to do for the day and Arianna would come in and explain to me some of the more complicated tasks. A lot of the tasks were very time consuming but very informational and a lot of my projects actually went a long with some of the stuff I was learning in my classes. One day I was tasked with making sure that all the information about the billboards was all up to date, and that was the week that we were learning about reach and frequency and the billboard contracts had that information, so it was neat to see how the stuff we learn in class is used in the real world.

Some of the fun things I have done during my time at WingHouse would be being able to research and come up with different merchandise options and possible slogans for the restaurants. They actually ended up choosing some of my suggestions, and are going to make a guys workout tank top, which a lot of guys in college wear. This will help to sell WingHouse merchandise to a younger demographic. Another fun thing was when I got to go to the filming of WingHouse’s new commercial which was interesting to see the whole process of getting the girls to participate the actual filming as well as seeing the whole editing process and how much the commercial changed from the original plan to the final commercial.

Even though working for WingHouse was a lot of work, I am very glad I had this opportunity and I would not trade it for anything. It made me realize what all goes into marketing and gave me a passion for it as well.

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